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I am a former Assistant District Attorney with over thirteen years of criminal defense experience. The firm handles matters from traffic tickets to serious felonies. There is no fee for the initial consultation and you should understand your rights before pleading guilty.


Consider all your options before pleading guilty to traffic tickets. Moving violations have points which could effect your insurance as well as your license. In a significant number of cases, my firm can resolve these matters on your behalf without you having to appear in Court.


The consequences of a Driving While Intoxicated offense continue to become more and more serious. The minimum fines as well as the length of license suspensions continue to increase. Furthermore, an alleged Blood Alcohol Content of .18 or greater will result in a charge of Aggravated Driving While Intoxicated which will increase the fine amounts and make the ability to negotiate a successful resolution with the prosecutor more difficult. For these reasons, you should retain an attorney with experience in this area who can properly advise you as to your options as well the consequences of a conviction on your driver’s license.