Criminal Law Case Reviews

I called Mark about a very serious issue concerning a friend’s daughter who was potentially looking at a prison sentence for a crime she did not do and her previous lawyer wanted her to take the plea. Mark took the case and today she is the proud mom of a little girl and a clean record. The cost was very reasonable. You can trust him with your life, literally.
– Mark M.

Recommend to anyone who needs a criminal lawyer. Always returned calls handled my case and kept me out jail. Didnt matter what time of day he answered my calls or returned them asap.

When I first started driving I received a speeding ticket. I was afraid that my already expensive insurance premiums were going to go up. I called the Juda Law Office. Mark was able to negotiate a plea on my behalf to a nonmoving violation with no points. I didn’t even have to go to Court! I highly recommend this law firm.
-Allie V.

Excellent lawyer definitely recommend.
-Jack R.
Very professional
-Fitzroy W.
Mark Juda is a really good lawyer
-Devon J.

Mark Juda is an experienced, confident, knowledgeable, and credible attorney with great negotiation skills and a winning track record. He truly cares about his clients and what is in their best interest.
-Brendan S.

I found myself in need of an attorney when selling a home and have never retained one in my 46 years. Kimberly Scannell & Mark Juda we’re not only very professional and courteous, but very timely and way less expensive than I thought. Kimberly was who I had the most communication with and I have never felt so important as a consumer. Excellent communication, she even called me in response to an email that I sent well after hours when I thought I was going to lose my mind & “talked me off the ledge”. I would highly recommend this office to anyone. -Tom L.